Ok, I do understand where You are coming from.

Where I disagree:

1. I hate mob mentality. It was used in my country for many vile doings by nationalists of different kinds, nazis, marxists, communists - and it was awful. A mob is never right.

2. I disagree offender should…

I wonder how it is possible that people who know how important it is to be properly addressed refuse to address women according to their wishes?

Many women do not want to be addressed "pregnant people" because for hundreds of years their role in society was restricted to being pregrant. This should be obvious.

If You want inclusive language - You can easily say "women and other pregnant people" or "women and trans men" or whatever trans people wish to add for themselves.

I may also point to the fact that when male born people can force whatever label they wish on female born people - this do not serve trans people very well.

Privilege is some boon society gives You because of Your function or attribute. For example in my country pregnant women has a privilege to skip queue in the store or elderly possess the right to sit in public buses or trains.

Now if You would say that elder person on…

Of course people are shaming these men ["incels"] on their lack of sexual activity - it is in the word. And they do that because they belive it will hurt the most. Just like when they call a woman "slut". They may dislike him/her for other things like "hateful statements" but they are shaming on sexual activity because they want to hurt them on personal level.

Remember - we have the word "misogynist" that is descriptive for this exact case. But some people prefere a sexual slur because that way they can dehumanize and denigrate their adversry.



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