1. Mob is a group of people that gives themselves the right to execute justice however they see fit without a proper jugde and jury.

Sometimes they may hang a pedophile, sometimes a witch, sometimes a murderer, a rapist or a black boy. Sometimes they are full of anger, sometimes they are full of rage, or fear, or pain.

It doesn't matter that much. I may understand them personally but I never approve that because contrary to popular belief it never brings any good.

2. If something is "dangerous to others" it should result in judiciary process and then jail, not random job loss. If SJW mob today decide that every white man is racist should they all suddenly lose right to a job in medical field? It is absurd. Sure, there are situations when a doctor or a teacher loses a job because of breach of ethics - but it is not a group of random internet trolls that should decide this. There are special bodies that do this, that can check the facts, listen to defendant and so on. Do You really like the idea that some angry MAGA internet mob can fire You because they found tiktok with You they do not like?

3. Rowling first post was nothing. It was a tweet 1/10 in length of Your paragraph describing it. She was probably not well informed then. In response she got a shitstorm with rape threats and death wishes.

How do You think she then formed her opinion about trans activists? Do You believe that trans-rape threats made her less concerned about trans people in women spaces or not?

I mean, seriously - I knew trans people from gay clubs of the 90'. Not too many but I for sure never ever seen any of them agressive. They maybe talked too much and touched me when I didn't really wanted to be touched - but hey that was 90' and we didn't even know there is anything wrong with that. They were funny, colorful, sad (like me, so I liked it), musical, sometimes sexy. I was not gay and I was not trans but I was going there because that was the only places I feel good (even with all those fancy people trying to get me on a date I didint' want). There was always caraoke, sometimes striptease of some kind, music... it was bright. I hadn't MDD diagnosed then but it all made me smile, I mean I wasn;t wisiting that much, more like twice or three times a year but still.

But "I will rape you with my lady-dick until you choke"? Really? To a woman who - I only suspect - was sexually harassed when a teenager? Do You really wonder why she do recognize trans women as threat to natal women? Do You believe that she ever got a rape threat from a natal woman? I read a lot of it at once and it really broke my sympathy for trans activists. It was there and it is gone. I see them now as ruthless politicians that back at nothing to get what they want. (mind You not all trans people, just the internet activists)

4. Rowling essay was never concerned about trans people. Rowling is pretty straight in that she is concerned about natal women. What she meant was that GD is a symptom, not an illness - and in some cases it may be a symptom of something entirely different - or the solution could be different. Here is not the place to discuss validity of her claims. What is important is that even if she was completly wrong about it, she has every right to speak it up, because there are other less visible people who ask the same questions. And in liberal society everybody can stand for their group, even if the group is not the most oppressed and even if that person is wrong.

4.b. I understand that there is a war in the feminist ranks. There are postmarksist feminists that are only concerned about natal women and their fight against patriarchy and there are poststructuralist feminists that are concerned about everybody else. I'm not going to take part in this fight because I cannot stand both philosophies and I consider them both wrong and doomed. I'm pretty sure that recent rise of marxist right, neonietzschean right and conservatives is a direct result of the left fighting more and more over less and less people. But it is not my war and not my problem.

4. Still she posted enough of the civilized entry and she is enough of a personality in the movement that she should get civilized answer. And then another and another, because I do not think that she would change her opinion easily. Instead she got another shitstorm that probably convinced her she is right and should carry her crusade against intersectionalism. And she has billions to put wherever she deems important. Whoever made it happen - congratulations.

5. My impression is that he spoke based on impressions his trans friend got from trans activists online. I've seen trans people saying that for them it was funny, even here on medium. Maybe they were not introduced into intersectionality yet? (a joke, sorry)

I have no problem with people attacking him for what he said. I have a problem with people demanding that he should be removed from netflix and generally all public space. It would not affect Chappelle for sure, but it would affect young and starting comics that would probably censor themselves - just in case. And when they would start to censor themselves they would not stop at thigns that we dont like.

6. I'm not afraid of trans people. I'm afraid of ideological activists that see public discourse as a war. It happend once in weimar republic between communists and nazists and whoever could win that war doesn't really matter because republic was already lost. Just 10 years ago it looked like the liberal left won everything: black president in US, liberal governments in Europe... and today? Far right gov in my country, Biden as a liberal president. Too many words already. Have a good night.